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What is gold vermeil?

Gold vermeil is 14k, 18k or 22k gold plated sterling silver. All Hellhound vermeil pieces are particularly 14k gold plated unless requested otherwise. It is not to be mistaken as solid gold, but a nice balance between quality and affordability. 


How do I care for gold vermeil?

Vermeil jewelry should be taken off before coming in contact with water such as bathing, washing dishes and hands, swimming and definitely while cleaning or using any chemicals. This may shorten the life of the vermeil plating. Over time, the gold portion may rub off, so it is important to follow these care tips for your jewelry. 


Do you offer solid gold options?

As a matter of fact we do. We are working on making solid gold readily available but for now, please email hellhoundjewelry@gmail.com for an estimate. Please give the name of the piece you are inquiring about, and ring size if you are looking to purchase a ring. Rose gold, and platinum estimates are also available.


How long should I expect to wait for a piece of jewelry to arrive in the mail after placing my order?

The usual wait time is from 2-3 weeks. Some pieces may already be in stock. In this case, the order should be mailed no later than a week after the purchase date. Anything that is not in the ready to ship section is made to order which may take up to 2 - 3 weeks processing time as stated in all item descriptions. This allows time for the piece to be cast, parts soldered, stones set, then polished and finished off before being packaged and sent on it's way. Please be patient. You are ordering hand made jewelry from a small business! Waiting for your piece can be nerve racking but it can also be a nice surprise upon it's arrival!

If you need something quickly for a specific occasion, please email hellhoundjewelry@gmail.com first before purchasing to be sure you will receive within the time frame needed. Not all HH pieces can be rushed.